Basalt & Lights

Emperor Stone is proud to announce our expansion of products and services towards the landscaping industry. We would like to present to you Basalt & Lights Рa brilliant combination of LED lights and natural stone.

For lighting you driveways, paths, house numbers or backyards, Basalt & Lights gives you a much more elegant and natural appearance. The lights can be plain white or they can change colours the choice is yours. You also have the option to order from our existing line of stone or you can work with our designer to custom make your own ideas.

We also offer a range of stone works without lights to support the overall design of your outdoor space.

Installation Guide

Please download our recommended installation methods.  Our guide is for reference only, an experienced landscaper will have the expertise and experience to ensure maximum security and stability on all terrains. We insist that you have a certified electrician perform all electrical work e.g. wiring and connection to the light source as well as placement and connections to transformer and power source. This will guarantee maximum efficiency, functionality and longevity of the product.

Download Basalt & Lights Installation Guide

Please note: The prices listed below are RETAIL prices. Please contact us directly for wholesale promotional codes.

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