Sustainable development is a standing commitment at Emperor Stone.

Our company strives for sustainable practices that leads to financial success. We strive for these practices simply because it is the right thing to do. We are always seeking ways to improve our operational efficiency; from sourcing the amount and type of raw materials we use, to the efficient use of electricity to recycling.

Emperor Stone is also changing to reflect the world around us. Climate change is an undeniable fact and we all need to be innovative in how we address our shared environmental goals.

The preservation of nature is of the utmost importance to us.

Through Emperor Stone’s Tree Planting Initiative we have partnered with the Coquitlam School board in planting trees on school grounds. For the month of October 2021 we will donate 7 seven trees to be planted on the following school grounds in district 43:

  • Eagle Mountain middle
  • Roy Stibbs
  • R.C MacDonald
  • Alderson
  • Hampton Park
  • Nester El
  • Glen Elementary